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In my mindseye I can still see the skyline so clear  
It illuminates the September evening sky
The beautiful city and the beautiful people
Are as proud of their city as the buildings are high

From each and every window of those skyscrapers
On each and every room on each and every floor
Of the Twin Towers World Trade Center 1 and 2
There is nowhere else like this, this is New York

A crisp early Fall evening stirs echoes in my mind
The date is Monday September the Tenth
The year is two thousand and one my calendar says
And the local time is approaching 7pm

Behind the freshly cleaned window panes of glass
I can see people going about their daily lives
And they are soon to be returning to their homes
And their familes for the very last time

I see meetings in offices with half drunk coffee cups
I see people of all backgrounds, men and women
I imagine every one of their lives lived out
From this point back to their beautiful beginning

I see them as infants with infinite dreams
And now I am here witnessing their last day
Why cant I reach them and why cant I warn them
Of the terror that is soon to be coming their way

Of course I had no idea of the atrocities
And the tragedy that would begin to unfold
And its only with the glory of pointless hindsight
That I look with sadness upon those windows

The towers fell and continue to fall  around the world
We are all the victims no matter where we habitate
This global terror can only be defeated
If we stand together regardless of nationality and faith
Do you think that you are free? Well you are not free
Freedom is just an illusion designed to control
I ask myself why some people live their whole lives
Believing every single word that they are told

From the teachers who were brainwashed themselves
But there is no cleanliness in our education
School comes too soon with agenda fueled answers
Before we have even learnt to ask the question

Do you think that you are free? Well you are not free
It's just the bars around your cell cannot be seen
You're enslaved while ministers commit crimes so sinister
And feed you thoughts directly from the machine

The grinding dark forces that control the media
They want you to be afraid of the ''other side''
And frighten you in to demanding for change
Which in turn causes a revolt then a divide

Do you think that you are free? Well you are not free
As when you're divided you're easier to control
Just keep in mind that although we have differences
The most important fight is to keep humanity whole

When faced with their lies about race and religion
And guns that have been supplied to our so called enemy
I hope you know the real foes are much closer
If you do not then you will never truly be free
Jun 6, 2016
:iconcloudnumber8:CloudNumber8 has changed their username (formerly Rifle1980)
Muhammad Ali
Not jumping on the bandwagon. Just a fan of the man and genuinely sad to see him go.


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lostlightxxx Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Student Writer
thanks for the watch!
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you are very welcome! :)
sparklez81 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016
Wow. Your peoms are AMAZING!
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thank you so much! and thank you for watching me too :)
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Nice poetry.
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